• Episode Seven with Dan Keeley

  • Episode 7 : Dan Keeley

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    Living his legend and harnessing his bi-polar

  • Episode 6 : Rob Symington

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    Original Corporate Escapee

  • Episode 5 : Billie Quinlan

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    Normal white girl

  • Episode 4 : John Dennis

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    Kiwi, white, male, rugby player

  • Episode 3 : Matt Trinetti on when work affects us personally

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    Matt Trinetti

    Writer and Escape Tribe Leader at Escape the City 


    Matt joined Escape the City as it moved into education and created the Escape School.

    Matt shares how being responsible for 50 people in a tribe of people all seeking change eventually took its toll on him as the leader. 

  • Episode 2 : Chris Millar on how we all have mental health

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    Chris Millar

    NHS mental Health professional and leader at Project Awesome.


    This interview was recorded at Yestival the day after Chris opened up about his mental health in front of a packed tent of people.

    Chris shares how speaking with such vulnerability in front of a big audience felt, what it is like to work in a prison with the NHS and how his method for coping with the pressures it brings.

  • Episode 1 : Taking the first tiny step to say 'I'm not okay'

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    James Routledge

    Entrepreneur and founder of UK startup Sanctus.


    At age 20, James had raised $1m for his startup while at university. He soon quit studying and pushed himself to the limit for three years working on something he wasn't truly passionate about.

    The burn out and anxiety that followed led him to create Sanctus, which aims to transform perceptions around mental health and help people become the best version of themselves.

  • Episode Zero : Andy McLean on the goal of Face for Radio

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    Andy McLean

    Your host on Face for Radio


    Andy has struggled with his mental health at different points in his life.


    1. He started this show with one goal: to get people talking about their mental health.
  • Face for Radio

    The world’s most ambitious radio show focused on mental health in business

    Our Passion

    Our mission is to smash a massive hole through the veil of expectation and dishonest belief that all is okay in business and that it’s a sign of weakness for us to talk openly about what’s really going on at work.  

    Our Commitment

    We are a collection of people committed to sharing the stories of those in business that have suffered from mental ill health and have lacked the support to enable them to thrive.